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Save 35% on your first Autoship! Use code PEACE35
Cold Smoking: Peacebone's Novel Approach to Natural and Safe Dog Bones

Cold Smoking: Peacebone's Novel Approach to Natural and Safe Dog Bones

Not all bones are created equal. If you're going to choose another brand, we beg you to do diligence and find out about the brand's process. For those of you who are already die hard Peacebone fans, or if you're on the fence, we've taken the guess work out for you. Here is our top five reasons why we employ our own Cold Smoking process when creating our all natural chews.

1.       Peacebone brand bones are Cold Smoked. If you’ve ever fed your dog natural bones, chances are you’ve worried about what you’re giving them, or the potential hazards. You’re right to be concerned! Most brands are mass produced using heat, or “liquid smoke”. The difference with Peacebone is our process. We Cold Smoke our bones. Here’s how it works: The heat needed to create the smoke is contained in its own area. The smoke is then funneled through big tubes over to a separate area where the bones are on racks. This way, we are able to pump the natural hardwood smoke over without the heat. We can then smoke them naturally for extended periods of time without exposing them to the heat.

2.       Consistency. By utilizing Peacebone’s Cold Smoking system, we’re able to ensure our product’s will be manufactured to the same level of excellence on each batch. We don’t have to worry about batches of bones becoming too brittle from too much heat exposure, or getting too much or too little time in the ovens.

3.       Safety. Peacebone’s are safe. Exposing natural bones to heat causes them to become brittle, making them extremely dangerous for dogs. They can splinter and cause anything from choking hazards, to stomach or intestinal problems. We’ve taken the risk out of the equation. Our Cold Smoking process is critical in our efforts to provide the best natural bones possible.


4.       It’s natural. Most scaled dog bone brands will use what is called “liquid smoke” to provide the smoke flavor without having to burn actual wood. Peacebone is concerned with not using any chemicals in our process whatsoever. Being that liquid smoke is a chemical compound produced by humans, we’re not having it. It can bother our pups’ stomachs and cause digestion issues. We’ll skip that, thanks.


5.       Our dogs win. Peacebone gets to provide our pups with that great smokey flavor they love so much, with the integrity of the bones staying intact. Our bones are the closest thing a pup would find in the wild, with the added joy of the smoke flavor.

Here's how our cold smoking process works:

Why Peacebone brand dog bones are the safest and the best

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