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Save 35% on your first Autoship! Use code PEACE35
Kimberly Morris Gauthier on Raw Feeding and Peacebone

Kimberly Morris Gauthier on Raw Feeding and Peacebone

Feeding My Dogs Raw Bones

When I began feeding my dogs a raw diet, I knew that raw bones were part of the regime, but I was nervous because…

  • raw bones can break teeth
  • raw bones can splinter and cause injury
  • raw bones can become impacted

It took me a while to become comfortable with raw bones.  One day, I decided to allow my control-freak flag to fly and I allowed my dogs to try various bones; a new one each weekend.  This taught me the bones that weren't a good fit for them and the ones that were safe.

Finding Safe Raw Bones for Dogs

I always supervise my dogs when they're eating their raw bones.  If they look like they're about to swallow a bone whole, if a bone starts splintering, or if Rodrigo decides to steal everyone's bones – I can step in before we have a situation.

After a few weeks of testing out bones, I found three raw meaty bones and two recreational bones that worked out great for my dogs.

Raw Bones That Work with My Dogs


Raw Meaty Bones that My Raw Fed Dogs Can Eat

Duck Necks

Turkey Necks

Lamb Necks

Recreational Bones that My Raw Fed Dogs Can Eat

Beef Knuckle Bones

Beef Kneecaps

Benefits of Feeding Raw Bones to Dogs

While there are several health benefits to feeding raw bones to dogs, I'll be honest and admit that I give them to my dogs to get a block of peace and quiet in a house with four dogs.  A raw bone keeps the dogs still, quiet, and focused on their chewing.  I can work on my blog, read a book, or just enjoy a nice afternoon.  I only give our dogs raw bones in the spring and summer on nice days because they eat them outside.

Since this isn't all about me, let me share other reasons raw bones are good for my dogs.

  • Cleans their teeth and gums.
  • Helps to strengthen their neck and shoulder muscles.
  • Satisfies their chew drive.
  • And, in the case of raw meaty bones, provides a small meal.

Alternatives to Raw Bones for Dogs

As I mentioned, I feed my dogs raw bones outside.  In the winter, it's too cold to supervise their bone chewing outside and my boyfriend isn't comfortable with me laying tarps around the house for inside enjoyment.  What sucks is that by the time spring and summer roll around, my dogs have a little plaque build up.  So I have a few alternatives.

  • Bully sticks
  • Cold smoked bones

The alternatives we give to our dogs keep the plaque down, but not as well as raw bones.

Although winter is over, it's not the right time to start giving the dogs bones outside, so this weekend, the dog will be enjoying beef knuckle bones sent them by Peacebone Pets.

Peacebone - Bones and Treats with Integrity

Peacebone cold smokes their bones and the process allows the bones to get the yummy flavoring that makes our dogs drool in excitement and anticipation (not sure they'll wait until Saturday) without exposing the bones to heat.  It's the heat that causes bones to become brittle and harmful.  Another bonus to feeding my dogs cold smoked bones from Peacebone is that I know that the bones aren't coming from giant mills that maintain horrible conditions.  The folks of Peacebone visit the facilities that provide their bones to check for quality control.

These dog bones are perfect for raw feeders who can't feed raw bones or are nervous about feeding raw bones but want to give their dogs the benefits of recreational bones.

Beef knuckle bones are a great size for my dogs, who weigh between 60 and 75 pounds.  I don't worry that they'll swallow the bones and since I always supervise, I take the bones away when they get gnawed down to a risky size – this will take a couple sessions.

My Peacebone “Dog Bones” Wish List

My dogs are trying the Peacebone Pacifiers which are cold smoked beef knuckle bones.  I also want to try…

  • Oxtail Trail Treats
  • The Peacemaker

I'm a little nervous about the Peacemaker, however, having spoken with a representative from Peacebone about their process, I think that our dog will do well and they'll have more options available to them.

Rodrigo Waiting for his Peacebone Beef Knuckle Bone

Thank you to for being a generous sponsor of Keep the Tail Wagging®.  Peacebone offers all-natural dog treats and chews from superior sources that our dogs will love.  Their treats are antibiotic-free, non-GMO, preservative free, naturally cold smoked, and sourced from responsible farmers.  Visit today to check out their inventory of high quality dog treats.

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