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Save 35% on your first Autoship! Use code PEACE35
How to find and feed the right foods to your pet |

Why to Feed Your Pet High Quality Dog Food, and How to Find It

 How to find the right food | Peacebone


The pet food market is full of products, literally hundreds of different brands out there! When walking down the pet food isle at the local store, all of the colorful packages can send a pretty confusing message. Without knowing how to tell the difference between all of the countless products, the vast majority of pet owners simply settle on the least expensive one.


When it comes to dog food, they may all look like the same little brown bits of kibble. In reality, there is a huge difference; nothing could be further from the truth! There is a reason why one product may cost twice as much as another; cheaper is very rarely better here.



  • According to the American Kennel Club, 1 in every 4 dogs has eaten his own feces at least once. There are several reasons why dogs might do this, but the largest by far is to achieve nutrition they aren’t able to in their diets.


The Importance of Animal Meat

There are literally hundreds of dog food brands available, most of the lower quality ones using grown plant-based ingredients as ‘filler’ to make their foods seem like more than what they are. It is cheaper and easier to grow products, rather than slaughter and process animal ingredients; this actually has very little to do with nutrition itself.


Several brands out there like to use corn or grain-based products, for example, to make up much of their foods. Bear in mind, dogs are scientifically classified as carnivorous, and biologically intended to thrive off a diet rich in animal meat. In fact, the earliest dogs, along with wolves, consumed a diet almost entirely of animal meat and very few plants.


  • Check the first three ingredients on the back of your dog food package. If there are no meats, then this is a very low-quality food. The first ingredient should always be a source of animal meat.


Animal Protein vs. Plant Protein

Nearly all dog foods, even the worst, claim they offer a high amount of protein, which might be true. Unfortunately, not all proteins are the same. Your dog needs the essential amino acids found in the correct types of proteins, not simply any protein in general.  Those essential amino acids dogs need to get from their diets and can’t produce themselves are found in much higher quantities in animal protein, which is the main difference between animal and plant protein.


Your dog was biologically intended to eat meat. His teeth are designed to tear at meat. He enjoys the taste of meat MUCH more than fruits and vegetables. Though it’s possible, it is much harder to design a highly nutritional vegetarian diet that a dog will thrive from and often requires the assistance of a veterinary nutritionist. He is even scientifically classified as a carnivore.


So why would you feed your pet a dog food consisting of over 50% plants?



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