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The ultimate.  It's time to hook up your pack with the Peacemaker family pack.  You'll get fifteen of our premium Peacemakers; our largest bone at 7-9-inches of meaty, beefy, magic.  Why Peacebone?  We're doing this because there are literally no natural bone brands out there that we felt we could trust, 100%, with all our hearts.  We want to be able to give our dogs the natural bones they need and want, without second guessing ourselves.  Get the family pack, pay less, it will be worth it.  Your dog is worth it.

The Peacemaker is sourced with great care, strictly from farms that meet our rigorous quality standards, right here in the USA. This is a beef hind leg, smoked to perfection - the ultimate reward to celebrate a hard day's hike. Completely natural, this is your single-ingredient, bone-afied classic from Peacebone.

7-9 inches of meaty magic X 15

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All Ingredients:

100% Natural, Grass Fed Beef Hind Bones

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